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Africa, another episode of piracy in the Gulf of Guinea

Another episode of piracy in the Gulf of Guinea. The captain, second and third officers of the Grebe Bulker abducted off Gabon. Kidnappings at sea have decreased, but have not ceased

New episode of piracy in the Gulf of Guinea: the cargo ship Grebe Bulker was attacked off the coast of Gabon and three members of its crew were mysteriously kidnapped. According to international sources, these are the captain, his second and third officers. The ship was at anchor after setting sail from Nigeria and awaiting loading instructions, when the three men disappeared during the night, apparently following an incursion by armed men, who presumably arrived on small boats. The rest of the crew, however, was found unharmed on board the vessel. The episode, as Stefano Ràjos of Praesidium International recently wrote, confirms that attacks in the maritime area for the purpose of kidnapping have decreased, but have not ceased. Furthermore, there is a sharp increase in the phenomenon of petro-piracy.

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