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Afghanistan, Turkey freezes the “proxy” mission in Kabul

Turkey freezes the “proxy” mission in Kabul. Ankara’s allied syrian militias were supposed to help ensure the security of the airport. The overwhelming victory of the Taliban, however, puts everything back on the line

Turkey freezes its “proxy” mission in Kabul. This was revealed by international sources, stressing that the stop was forced by the crushing and unexpected victory of the Taliban in all of Afghanistan. Ankara, in fact, did not expect it to arrive like this and with these times. As a result, it planned to send members of the allied Syrian militias to protect the airport until the situation cleared up. In this way, President Erdogan would have first of all set a foot in the Asian nation, fundamental for his expansionist aims towards the East. Moreover, he would have immediately boasted credits for helping to prevent the Islamic Emirate from taking over the infrastructure. The situation, however, suddenly worsened and some groups of the Syrian National Army, the mixed entity that should have been employed, refused to leave because the mission was too risky. Now, Erdogan has to start over, looking for shores with new “interlocutors”.

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