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Afghanistan, the US identifies the ISIS-K leadership

The US identifies the leadership of ISIS-K in Afghanistan. Sanaullah Ghafari, Sultan Aziz Azam and Maulawi Rajab have been placed on the terrorist black list. The emir is Rajab; the others are the ISKP spokesperson and the commander in Kabul

The ISIS Khorasan province (ISKP) leaders in Afghanistan are Sanaullah Ghafari, Sultan Aziz Azam and Maulawi Rajab. The US Department of State (DoS) identified them, putting on the terrorism black list. The former, also known as Shahab al-Muhajir, is the ISIS-K Emir in the Asian country. He was appointed in June 2020 and is in charge of all operations. The second, aka Sultan Aziz, is the Group’s spokesperson. Finally, the latter (aka Maulawi Rajab Salahudin) is the the Islamic State commander in the province of Kabul, responsible for all the attacks and operations that the cells carry out in the capital. The three are connected to Ismatullah Khalozai, who was also blacklisted for the financial support he guaranteed for training and for some missions he carried out on behalf of the ISKP leadership. Khalozai ran a hawala company in Turkey and one in the UAE. Furthermore, he was transferring jihadists.

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