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Afghanistan, the US equips the ANDF to react to the Taliban

The United States made a maxi donation of vehicles, airplanes and equipment to the ANDSF. Objective: to allow Kabul to counter the Taliban offensive, which involves more and more areas in the country. Especially in view of the international exit

The ANDSF have just received a huge supply of vehicles, airplanes, helicopters and military equipment from the United States to try to counter the Taliban offensive in much of Afghanistan. These are 1,383 HUMVEE, 55 Mobile Strike Force Vehicles (MSFV), ten rotary-wing and four A-29 fixed-wing aircrafts. Also donated night vision goggles, uniforms, medical equipment and supplies, as well as various ready-to-use facilities. The goal is to allow Kabul forces to pass against the Islamic Emirate (IEA) from a purely defensive phase to an attack one in a short time. The fear, in fact, is that with the expected withdrawal of American and international soldiers, local troops will be overwhelmed by fundamentalists and a situation similar to that before the start of Operation Enduring Freedom will return.

Negotiations in Doha are frozen and the Islamic Emirate is gaining more and more ground against the Afghan soldiers

On the other hand, the negotiations between the Taliban and Kabul in Doha, mediated by the US, are in total stalemate. The Islamic Emirate, on the strength of its latest achievements on the ground, is in fact raising the bar and buying time. Furthermore, Afghan institutions are unable to make progress on the political or military level, despite international air support. It is no coincidence that defections are multiplying among the ANDSF in different areas of the Asian country. Furthermore, the clashes are spreading. The latest attacks are recorded in Kunduz, Badghis, Herat, Farah, Ghazni, Wardak, Nangarhar, Balkh, Kapisa, Kandahar and in various districts of Helmand. Moreover, IEA is very careful not to attack foreign soldiers to avoid retaliation on the ground. It only targets local soldiers, who have been besieged in many areas for days.

Photo Credits: Afghanistan MoD

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