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Afghanistan, the Kabul University massacre is the work of Isis

Rita Katz: Isis claimed responsibility for the complex attack on Kabul University, part of the “Answer the Call” campaign

Isis Khorasan (Isis-K), as was to be expected, claimed responsibility for the complex terrorist attack against Kabul University. This ended after almost ten hours with a toll of at least twenty dead and another 60 injured, according to official data, while according to unofficial ones it is much higher. As reported by analyst Rita Katz, head of the Site, the IS jihadists announced that they had employed a two-person command (again the numbers do not match, as according to the Afghan government there were three or four). It is the third attack by the former Daesh in the capital, which took place in the last two weeks and would be part of the new “Answer the Call” campaign. At first it was assumed that it was the work of the Taliban, but the Islamic Emirate (IEA) was quick to immediately deny any involvement in the affair.

The attack on the university in the Afghan capital is part of the new strategy of Isis-K and the Haqqani network: propaganda and gain visibility to regain weight on the Taliban, on the one hand engaged in the Doha negotiations and on the other in a violent offensive in the country

The attack on Kabul University, however, fits perfectly into the new trend of Isis Khorasan, which for some time has begun to target educational structures. This essentially for reasons of image and propaganda, both internally and internally. The talks in Doha between the Taliban and the government, mediated by the United States, as well as the sudden IEA offensive (ongoing) in much of the country, quickly gained weight in the Islamic Emirate. As a result, IS and its allies in the Haqqani network also had to run for cover with a campaign of equal violence, but possibly more paying media. The partnership, in fact, tere to be cut off from the future of the nation; whether an agreement is reached in Qatar or whether the fundamentalists take back power by force.

IS attacks according to analysts will continue. The jihadists have indeed achieved more than they hoped for

Unfortunately, the ISIS attacks, according to analysts, will not cease soon. Neither in Kabul nor against “school” goals. The jihadists, in fact, have achieved more than they hoped for. They have been protagonists in the local and international media for hours, moreover keeping the Afghan security forces in check and managing to ensure that the complex attack has resulted in a day of national mourning, complete with flags at half mast in all locations of Afghan institutions around the world.

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