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Afghanistan, Isis-Khorasan uses Doha to gain weight on the Taliban

Isis-Khorasan (ISKP) uses the Doha negotiations to take weight on the Taliban in Afghanistan. IS militiamen launch attacks against the Islamic Emirate in Nangarhar and Kunar, as well as initiate the recruitment of disgruntled jihadists

Isis-Khorasan (ISKP) seeks to strengthen itself against the Taliban in Afghanistan, taking advantage of the Doha negotiations. The IS jihadists, after months of suffering pressure from the Islamic Emirate throughout the Asian country, raised their heads and carried out a series of attacks against them in Nangarhar and Kunar. In addition, they have launched a recruitment campaign among the enemy’s ranks, aiming to acquire all those elements disgrunted the new course of the group. And in particular the relations between it, the United States and Kabul. By the way, a propaganda video was released, both with the militia raids and with photos of the shahid, who carried out suicide attacks in Jalalabad and in the capital. This confirms, however, that ISKP recently also reacquired capacity in the media sector.

ISKP is becoming increasingly dangerous in Afghanistan, thanks to the strategic alliance with the Haqqani Network

The new trend of Isis-Khorasan is very dangerous, as it risks significantly fueling violence in Afghanistan and negatively affecting the negotiations between the Taliban, the US and Kabul. ISKP from this summer is becoming more and more dangerous, thanks to the strategic partnership signed with the Haqqani Network. It is no coincidence that the new leader of the group is Shahab Al-Muhajir, a former member of the militiamen of Jalaluddin and always linked to the Islamic Emirate, as well as to al Qaeda. The alliance has made it easier for recruiting, especially among disgruntled fundamentalists, and for attacks on enemies. IS, in fact, can count on the logistics networks as well as on the contacts and relations of the Network in the east of the country, on the border with FATA, which are essential for spying on competitor formation.

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