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Afghanistan, complex attack on the University of Kabul underway

The University of Kabul is the scene of a complex attack by a commando of unknown persons. They broke into the complex and started shooting at those present. At the moment it is still barricaded inside: the special forces are preparing a raid

Complex terrorist attack underway at the University of Kabul. A commando of armed men (apparently there are at least four) broke into the university of the Afghan capital and began firing on the students, barricading themselves inside. The ANDSF intervened en masse and encircled the area, evacuating the wounded and young people fleeing. There has already been a first clash between the attackers and local special forces, which resulted in the death of a jihadist. After a while, however, the firefight stopped. The operators, in fact, are questioning all the people evacuated to get a picture of the situation on terrorists in the university. From how many they are to how they are armed, what their behavior is and how they move. At the same time, the floor plans of the structure arrived. The goal is to plan a raid to eliminate the threat.

The hostage release operation is complex for a number of elements. It is not even known who the jihadists are reporting to. The Taliban denied any involvement. Eyes on Isis-K / Haqqani Network

The operation of the Afghan special forces, however, promises to be complex. First of all, the University of Kabul is not located in a single building, but forms a complex with many uncovered areas. Moreover, at the moment it is not yet clear how many terrorists are and where they are positioned. It is not even known how many students and people were inside the structure when the attack began. The death toll itself is uncertain. Some witnesses speak of eight to ten deaths. Others of a higher number. Finally, there is no certainty about who they are. At first all eyes were on the Taliban, following their autumn offensive, which is involving more than half of the country. The Islamic Emirate, however, has denied any of its involvement. The most plausible hypothesis for now is that the command is headed by Isis Khorasan (ISIS-K) – Network Haqqani. The attack, in fact, is complex and necessarily required careful planning. With contacts, most likely, inside. And the allied IS network has numerous in the capital.

There is also a detective story about the attack: an Iranian delegation is also present inside the University, but it is not known whether they are academics or other officials

There is also a yellow on the attack. It seems that, when the commandos went into action, there was also an Iranian delegation inside the university. It is unclear whether they are academics or other officials. No details were given on their identity. Rather. The ANDSF on the spot tried to deny their presence, only to be denied by the group’s drivers who were waiting in the car in front of the university and therefore escaped the action. It is certain, however, that the attackers took several people hostage, including teachers and students. Fortunately many others were rescued and evacuated.

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