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Afghanistan, CENTCOM: ISIS will be able to strike abroad within 6 months

CENTCOM: ISIS in Afghanistan will be able to strike abroad within 6 months. General Kurilla: The j Isis Khorasan Province (ISKP, ISIS-K) is rapidly developing the capacity to conduct operations in Asia and Europe

Isis Khorasan Province (ISKP, ISIS-K) in six months will be able to launch attacks outside Afghanistan. This was reported by General Michael Kurilla, head of CENCTOM, the central command for US military operations, during a hearing at the Senate Armed Services Committee. The senior official, as reported by Stars and Tripes, underlined that the jihadists of the Islamic State are rapidly developing the ability to conduct operations abroad, in Asia and in Europe (at the moment, however, they are not yet able to strike on the American soil). Furthermore, the disengagement from the country has reduced US intelligence capabilities, which today rely mainly on technology and drones. As a result, preventing and countering terrorist activities has become more difficult, though not impossible. To fill the gap, investments are being made in new systems that allow high-altitude and long-term aerial surveillance (from days to weeks).

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