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Afghanistan also has its Rambo: he’s called Awal Khan

Afghanistan has its Rambo, but this time he fights against Talibans

Afghanistan has its own Rambo, but this time he is real. No fiction. Moreover he fights against the mujaheddins with whom he was allied in the movie: the Taliban. His name is Awal Khan and he is a member of the Afghan Local Police (ALP) of the province of Paktika. His story is incredible. He had been captured by elements of the Islamic Emirate, while he was traveling with a friend in the district of Zara Kala. Their objective was to take the prisoners to the shadow local governor, so that he could decide their fate. Things, though, turned out in an unexpected way. The two prisoners managed to break free. Rambo’s friend was killed but “Rambo” made a massacre of the militia. According to local sources the Taliban killed were between 8 and 15 and between 10 and 25.

For the Islamic Emirate it was a loss of face without precedents: moreover a heavy defeat suffered due the use of their own means

The Afghan Rambo managed to get hold of a machine gun on the back of a Taliban pick up and to start shooting at them. Moreover, Awal Khan stole a vehicle and escaped, joining his comrades. For the Islamic Emirate this is a terrible loss of face without precedents. A single man, and what’s more a prisoner, breaks free and eliminates a whole group. The action, moreover, was so striking that they did not have a chance to deny it. The only thing they were able to do through their internet propaganda channels Alemarah, was to downsize it, as for all other defeats. The mujaheddins killed were only 3, according to a posted message. A part from the numbers, the focus does not change. Rambo escaped revenging the friend who was killed and killing several Islamic State jihadists. And by using their own weapons and their own vehicle. To find freedom.

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