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Afghanistan, 10 million bounty on the head of the ISIS-K / ISKP leader

10 million bounty on the head of the ISIS-K / ISKP leader in Afghanistan. Shahab al-Muhajir (aka Sanaullah al-Sadiq) is actively sought by the US and the Taliban for the attack on the Kabul airport. It comes from the Haqqani Network

The United States offers a bounty of up to $ 10 million for information leading to find Shahab al-Muhajir, leader of ISIS Khorasan Province (ISIS-K, ISKP). This was announced by the Reward For Justice program. The man (aka Sanaullah al-Sadiq) was born in 1994 (whether in Iraq or Afghanistan is unknown) and was appointed to the top of the pro-ISIS group in the Asian country in 2020. Previously, he was one of the “urban lion” in Kabul, planning and directing attacks on institutions. Among these was the bomb attack on the capital’s airport on August 26, 2021, which caused at least 180 deaths during the evacuation of civilians fleeing the Islamic Emirate. Even the Taliban, in fact, are hunting him. This is despite al-Muhajir coming from the ranks of the Haqqani Network, where he held middle-level command posts before moving to al Qaeda and then into the ranks of the Islamic State.

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