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A manhunt against the Daesh runaways is going on in the Middle East

Iraq, Kuwait, Syria, Saudi Arabia and other Middle East countries have started to search the region for Isis jihadists on the run. From Baghdad, however, there has been no action in Syria

Iraq, Kuwait, Syria, Saudi Arabia and other Middle East countries have started to hunt Daesh fugitive militiamen in the region. This was confirmed by the spokesman for the Ministry of Defense, of Baghdad, Tahseen Ibrahim, through the website Almaalomah. “The federal government has started to trace the elements of the Islamic State at intelligence level – he explained – sharing information with other nations”. Moreover, the nation has launched a vast cooperation with the regional powers, based on the exchange of intel in relation to the activity and presence of fugitives belonging to Isis. In parallel, however, the news on an alleged military operation of the special forces against the jihadists inside the Syrian territory,, was denied and defined as “not true”. The New Arab had written at the beginning of the week that Iraqi and USA raiders had launched operations focussing on finding the IS leaders in Syria.

Meanwhile, in Iraq various operations aimed at destroying Daesh in the country are going on. At Diyala a high commander of the Islamic State was killed

Meanwhile, in Iraq, the operations aimed at definitely destroying the Islamic State in the country are going on. The popular militias PMF have reported that they have killed 82 Daesh elements between .24 February and 27 March, during a series of operations in the districts of Riyadh and Rashad. In the maneuvers, which have affected about twenty villages, Isis important commanders, like Jassim Al-Marzouk, the Emir of Riyadh, were eliminated. The operations against the jihadists continue also at Kirkuk and Anbar. In the first province 5 militiamen were eliminated. In the second one, in the north of Ramadi, 2 suicide bombers (shahid) have lost their lives. Furthermore, 3 safe houses were discovered and dismantled, as well as a big weapons depot on the island of al-Therthar. Finally, at Diyala, Abu Nabil al-Iraqi, the brain behind various terroristic attacks launched by IS in the area, was killed. The high commander was responsible for the financial and logistic support to the group

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