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USA, third Cyber Defense Competition for the Department of Energy (DoE)

USA, Third Cyber Defense Competition For The Department Of Energy (DoE)

The US Department of Energy (DoE) has hosted the third edition of Cyber Defense Competition to find the cybersecurity experts of the future

The US Department of Energy (DoE) has hosted the third edition of Cyber Defense Competition. The aim is to find new talents against cyber threats, especially towards the industrial control infrastructure. The event took was hosted by Argonne, Pacific Northwest and Oak Ridge national laboratories. Lewis University won the competition this year in a total field of 25 teams (last year they were 15 and in 2016 just 9). In the last period, indeed, there has been an escalation of cyber-attacks on the electric grid and all the american energy sector. That’s why it’s necessary to find new defenders as soon as possible. Not only. This is also a great carreer opportunity for young students. Today there are few experts, less than required. So there are favorable conditions for being hired.

Tha aim of the competition was ensure the best cyber defense of an industrial control system, simulating real-life conditions

The US Department of Energy (DoE) Cyber Defense Competition sees the challenging teams learn a month before the event how guarantee the cybersecurity. They receive a small industrial control system that emulates a real-world model to study and protect against hackers. On the competition day they compete to ensure the best cyber defense of a natural gas computer network versus the “read team”. A group of malicious simulated actors looking for hacking the sistem. The scenario is completed a “green team”. Normal users of the system. Tha aim, indeed, is not only counter the cyber threats. But keeping the industrial control system working during operations. This is because often in real life it is not possible to shut down or isolate targets of cyber-attacks.

The DoE release on the competition

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