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US, will Iran launch a cyber warfare campaign as a retaliation over the sanctions?

Iran could retaliate to the US re-imposition of sanctions with a cyber warfare campaign (eye for an eye), with an enlarged cyber army. Probably on economic targets. But it can be too much destructive. Relations with the EU are at risk

Iran could. And, as many cyber security and intelligence experts warned, this cyber domain offensive could be carried not only by the state or state-sponsored hackers. But also by a big group of contractors. From some times in fact, the analysts discovered many attempts by Tehran to hire people in hacking forums and chats. This workforce, not necessary highly experienced, could launch cyber attacks on multiple targets, disturbing the US defenses, while the “professionals” aim the real targets. So the Trump’s administration is preparing to counter a massive cyber offensive, although it probably will not be highly destructive. The Islamic Republic can’t afford to freeze or damage the relations with EU countries in such a delicate moment. So probably, the Iranian hackers will attack economic targets, as a retaliation for the sanctions. Not the critical infrastructures. Eye for an eye. 

At now there aren’t specific cyber threats from Tehran to United States. But something is moving in the underground

At the moment there aren’t specific cyber threats from Iran to the United States. But, as VOA reported quoting Priscilla Moriuchi (director of strategic threat development at Recorded Future), “while we have no specific threats, we have seen an increase in chatter related to Iranian threat activity over the past several weeks.” The real-time cyber threat intelligence company predicted in May that the U.S. withdrawal from the nuclear agreement with Tehran (the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, JCPOA) would provoke a cyber response from the Iranian government within two to four months. The FBI, furthermore, issued a warning saying that the Islamic Republic hackers “could potentially use a range of computer network operations – from scanning networks for potential vulnerabilities to data-deletion attacks – against U.S.-based networks in response to the U.S. government’s withdrawal” from the JCPOA.

The VOA news on the cyber risks from Tehran

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