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Ukraine, the cyber warfare against Russia passes through taxis

Cyber ​​warfare against Russia passes through taxis. Hacked the systems of YandexTaxi: all the cars were directed to Kutuzov Prospect. The attack confirms the risks from cyberspace to the safety of all

Cyber ​​warfare against Russia for the invasion of Ukraine today passes through taxis. Someone hacked YandexTaxi’s systems, instructing all available cars to go to Kutuzov Prospect in Moscow. Result: a maxi traffic jam in the area with the police forced to intervene to restore viability. Anonymous reported this on its Twitter channel, in which it posted a video of the assembly of the vehicles. The attack, in addition to the inconvenience for the Russians, is a wake-up call on how much actions in cyberspace can actually affect real life and confirms their danger also for the physical safety of people. For example, what would happen if someone hacks the control towers of an airport and sent an order to all approaching planes to land on the same runway at the same time? Or what if he compromises the control systems of trains and subways?

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