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Ukraine, Team OneFist brings cyber warfare against Russia into Space

Team OneFist takes cyber warfare against Russia into Space. IT Army of Ukraine group hacks command and control stations of Moscow Satis satellites on Earth. Objective: to block detection and targeting of Ukrainian forces

The cyber warfare between Team OneFist and Russia arrives in Space. The group of volunteers, member of the IT Army of Ukraine, announced that they had compromised the Federation’s satellite communications by hacking at least 12 Satis command and control centers on Earth, employed for Yamal 401 and Ekspress-AM6 (Operation Polaris). The objective of the operation is to sabotage the communications system with the remote fields and mines. But the same coms can be directed also to troops and assets in Ukraine, exploiting the ground stations. Satellite data is mainly used for detecting enemy movements from a distance and for targeting them. If it were established that Moscow was really at least partially “blinded”, it would be enormous damage to its soldiers on the ground. The forces of Kyiv, on the other hand, would benefit greatly. Particularly at this time with the counter-offensive underway. Russia itself was the first to bring cyber warfare into Space when on February 24, the day of the invasion, it attacked the Viasat satellite service KA-SAT, used by the Ukrainian military and thousands of users in Europe.

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