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Ukraine, Russia wants Google stop advertising “misinformation campaigns”

Russia wants Google stop advertising “misinformation campaigns”. Roskomnadzor demands to block the dissemination of “false information” on the invasion. Meanwhile, it warned citizens to not share info on military via web/social networks

Russia wants Google stop advertising supposed misinformation campaigns about the invasion of Ukraine on YouTube. Roskomnadzor, the Moskow’s telecommunications watchdog sent a letter to the company, demanding to “immediately stop disseminating false information of a political nature about the special operation of the Russian Armed Forces in Ukraine on the territory of Russia.” At the same time, the Agency warned its citizens by inviting them not to provide undue information on the internet and social networks, linked to friends or relatives who are part of the armed forces. According to Roskomnadzor, fake channels and websites ask for information about the military and their families, promising to provide information about Russian soldiers killed or captured in the neighboring country. In reality it would be a ploy to acquire sensitive data. Moscow knows this tactic well, as it has been doing it for years both within the Federation and above all abroad.

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