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Ukraine, cyber warfare against Russia passes through taxes

Cyber ​​warfare against Russia passes through taxes. IT Army of Ukraine throws the tax system into a tailspin when declarations are due. Panic among the population and embarrassment of officials. For Moscow it is a hard blow

Cyber ​​warfare against Russia also involves taxes. The IT Army of Ukraine international volunteer group has targeted the Federation’s tax system at a very sensitive time, that of the deadline for fiscal declarations. The attack, which appears to be still underway, has sent the infrastructure into a tailspin, blocking the transmission of the documents. From the dialogues between taxpayers and state officials it is perceived that the former are in panic and the latter do not know how to resolve the situation. For Moscow it is a very hard blow, as it puts Vladimir Putin’s government in difficulty on a bare nerve: that of internal propaganda and relations with the population, increasingly angry at the failure of the “special military operation” in Ukraine and for the consequent measures that the executive has decided against citizens, such as partial mobilization.

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