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Ukraine, Anonymous deals a potentially very hard blow to Russia

Anonymous deals a potentially severe blow to Russia. The Anons hack a Federation company that manufactures military drones and publishes stolen data on UAVs. Information could change the future

Anonymous dealt a potentially very hard blow to Russia: it hacked a Federation company that deals with the production of drones for military purposes. The Anons have stolen various classified information about Moscow’s unmanned aircraft (UAV) plans and tactics, making it available to everyone on the web. “We hope that this information will help to end the war as soon as possible – wrote the hacker” Spid3r “, co-responsible for the cyber warfare attack -. No war is justified ”. If among the data stolen and disseminated online by Anonymous there were also the technical ones of the aircraft, for Russia it would be a huge problem. Not only in relation to the war in Ukraine. On the one hand, the “enemy” scientists could figure out how to neutralize them and on the other hand acquire important information on the classified technologies mounted on board the UAVs.

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