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The top 6 list of the goods and info sold in the Dark Web

The Top 6 List Of The Goods And Info Sold In The Dark Web

Dark Web is ever more an opportunity for state-sponsored hackers and cybercrime. In the first two positions of the top 6 trends there are stolen Credit Cards and Online Bank-Account Credentials

Dark Web is ever more an opportunity for state-sponsored hackers and cybercrime for doing business or acquiring data. The cyber security experts have listed the top 6 goods or info traded inside the dark side of Internet.  The first ones are the stolen Credit Cards. The prices in the market, thanks also of the last year’s takedowns of AlphaBay and Hansa, have increased drastically. Especially to buy security, infrastructures and new hosts to avoid been intercepted by police forces. The second top expense is for Online Bank-Account Credentials. The buyers know that have to be smart and fast, as the banks are increasing their cyber security. The window for fraudolent operations is reducted every day, so there is a huge traffic on them. Cyber criminals always need new ones to have more opportunities of success.

Full Identities-Medical Data and Cloned ATM Cards are useful both for cybercrime and malicious hackers

The third top “good” traded over the Dark Web are the “Full Identities” and the “Medical Data”. Their price has rose worldwide, in both sectors. The reasons are many, from the former foreign fighters who needs to “clean” his identity to the cybercrime elements, who search for fake ones to launch their malicious campaigns. And the Medical sector is perfect to create new “persons”. It’s cyber security is poor than the one of the governments and financial institutions. So, obtain and use data to build profiles is simpler. especially if you have to hide yourself or your operations in the Web. In the fourth position there are the “Cloned ATM Cards”. They’re the best way for small criminals to enter in the big cybercrime market, as the sellers usually give them full packages with info on how operate.

Passports and Fraudolent Prescriptions and Labels continue to be highly traded over the Dark Web

Passports continue to be higly traded in the Dark Web, and in fact they’re Fifth in the top 6. The main reason is the explosion of the illegal migration phenomenon. Mostly in Europe. The best cybercrime gangs, specialized in forging, are in Africa. But they have strong links with persons who live in EU or overseas in America. They need them to receive updates on the last documents and procedures, useful to make templates and sell the online. In the last position the are the “Fraudolent Prescriptions and Labels”. The first are acquired to buy drugs or re-sell in the phisical black market. The second to create fake product that will be spread worldwide, but mainly in Africa or in the countries where the controls are easier.


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