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The boom in cyber job offers is indirectly helping cybercrime

The boom in cyber job offers has determined a hug turnover rate and a war between companies to hire the best professionals. But their cyber security has been penalized

The boom in cyber job offers is indirectly helping cybercrime. Several cybersecurity researchers say so. The strong demand for specialists, to which the market today can not respond due to the lack of trained technicians, has made companies war to hire the available workforce. This conflict, which passes for benefits and top level wages, has led to a huge turnover rate in the sector. This produces two effects. First of all, the risks of cyber attacks on organizations increase. In fact, they don’t know if their technicians will stay with them or if they leave for a better offer. Furthermore, those who leave will force them to find a substitute as soon as possible. Even temporary. Therefore, they will have to be satisfied with the professionals available, not necessarily the top ones.

The negative effects of the turnover rate in cyber jobs is helping the cybercrime

The effects caused to companies by the very high turnover in the specialist workforce creates problems on various fronts of cyber security. It is difficult for organizations to study and implement an advanced protection plan if they are not sure that the fulcrum, the technician with which it was born and has been developed, will manage it continuously. Also, finding new ones at the same level if not better, will require further investments, without the certainty of the result. Meanwhile, a replacement will have to be found to try to guarantee at least basic defenses. Even if he has characteristics different from those necessary for the company. All these operations, however, take time. A long or short window that the cybercrime will exploit to launch attacks and make profits.

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