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Sudan, Anonymous declares war on the military junta

Anonymous lanunches an ultimatum to the Sudanese military junta: Restore immediatly Internet to the population, otherwise we will destroy the country cyber infrastructure

Anonymous declares war on the Sudan’s military junta. The hactivists launched on Twitter an ultimatum against the Transitional Military Council (TMC), intimating to restore Internet immediately to the population. Otherwise, they will destroy  the country cyber infrastructure. In a post, they write that “This is not a warning, but a promise. Tic Toc…Tic Toc…”. The global hacker network denounced that the cuts have been sophisticated. This, because the junta have forced MTN and ZAIN ISP to shut down their servers with the aim to block the diffusion of what it’s really happening in the african country. Without Internet, people can’t use social media to denounce the violence and especially post embarrassing multimedia for Abdel Fattah al-Burhan. That’s why Anonymous re-opened #OpSudan. The message is clear, “if you put citizens offline, we put the entire country offline”. Obviously excluding services for the people, as hospitals and others.

The hactivists know very well the country’s cyberspace. In the last #OpSudan campaign with just 40 hackers, hit over 300 governments, banks, media and military websites

“We are working on ways to help people bypass Internet restrictions and shut down – Anonymous explained to Difesa e Sicurezza -. We will of course hack and down their government, media, military ad banks websites”. Meanwhile, the hactivists recommend people in Sudan using Tor Browser or Tor Browser mobile to bypass the current web shutdown. The global collective few days ago launched the first signal on the situation in the country. On Twitter, they explained that “will not tolerate the terrorist actions of the RSF, military junta attempts to install a dictatorship, nor Arab governments funding the chaos”. Moreover, Anonymous knows very well the sudanese cyberspace. In the last campaign against president Al-Bashir the group hacked, downed and defaced approximately over 300 websites. They includes government, banks and propaganda media pages. With a “force” of just 40 hackers in cooperation with many hactivists. 

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