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Some tricks to counter the robocalls and call centers calls on your phone

Some Tricks To Counter The Robocalls And Call Centers Calls On Your Phone

In the last period, robocalls and call centers are flooding our phones, especially mobile. And they could hide a scam

Robocalls and call centers are Flooding Your smartphone? In the last period there is an explosion of the phenomenon. Especially on mobile. People are getting angry but as they try to stop the malicous callers, they persist on a daily basis. In the best case the calls are just advertising and a waste of time. But in the worst, they hide a scam and a subsequent theft of money or sensible datas. Here are some few and free tips to counter them from New York Times and others.

The tricks to counter the phenomenon: from don’t interact with them to download stop spam calls software

The first tip anti-Robocalls is really simple: don’t interact with them. Avoiding any action will result in a failure for the robocall in recognizing you as an active user (an number). So it will pass to another target. If you did, pay a lot of attention of what you say. Last escamotage of these scammers is to make the victims pronounce the word “Yes”. With just this, they will activate unrequested services or authorize fraudulent charges. The second is to list your number in the National Do Not Call Registry (if exists). It’s the necessary to report unwanted calls to police. Third advice: download apps to stop spam call such as Truecaller, RoboKiller, Mr. Number, Nomorobo and Hiya, which should filter your calls.

The best defense is the attack: some programs to make the callers angry and waste their time…and scams

Fourth and last suggestion against robocalls and call centers is to attack the aggressor with services like the Jolly Roger Telephone Company. The program allows a subscriber to put the smartphone on mute and patch telemarketing calls to a robot, which understands speech patterns and inflections and works to keep the caller engaged. It wast time of your opponent, making him angry. Another good vengeance is YesItWasDataMined. It calls a target phone number many times in a minute. With and audio-message in which it denounce the Scam and advice that the lines are being flooding.

The New York Times article on how counter this hineous phenomenon

The video of YesItWasDataMined in which is showed the anti-scammers/call centers software 

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