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Russia, @YourAnonSpider did it again: 80 mln names-password exfiltered

@YourAnonSpider did it again: 80 mln Russian names-password exfiltered. The data breach could create huge problems to Moscow. Both on the propaganda on Ukraine and the internal security level. Data could boost cyber warfare/espionage

Russia has been hacked again by @YourAnonSpider. This time the Anonymous hactivist has stolen 80 million of Federation’s phone numbers and passwords in #OpRussia framework. Data, published freely on his Telegram channel, will allow volunteers worldwide to explain Russians the truth about the aggression on Ukraine, sending them also multimedia content. For Moscow this is a big blow, not only because the breach could damage seriously its propaganda efforts. But also for the possible presence of high ranking Russian officials in the list, who now could become a target for cyber warfare/cyber espionage operations. Data, in fact, is already under analysis by Western intelligence and the Anons to find out if there are targets of interest within it.

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