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Oops…they did it again: Di5s3nSi0N messes up Daesh Telegram channels

Daesh has suffered new cyber-attacks by Di5s3nSi0N on social media. The Islamic State Telegram channels have been messed up by the muslim hackers

Daesh has suffered new cyber-attacks by Di5s3nSi0N on social media. The muslim hackers have hit again Telegrams channels of Islamic State. “LOOL Di5s3nSi0N ikhwan having a nice time tonight… food and good joke and we mess up al-Badri gang Telegrams. Wallahi these are better days”, the group posted on Twitter. It’s unclear the entity of the damage suffered by jihadists, but knowing the skills of the hactivists and keeping in mind their previous operations, it is probable that it has been a big mess on online Isis propaganda. The militiamen tried to counter the hostile hackers with a new “Cyber Caliphate” formation, called Inghimasat dawlawiya team. They advertised some operations, but finally they proved to be ineffective to stop the Di5s3nSi0N and DaeshGram (an Iraqi group) cyberwarfare.

The new “Cyber Caliphate” Isis group, the Inghimasat dawlawiya team, is powerless against the Di5s3nSi0N cyberwarfare. Moreover, as usual, announced in advantage

Di5s3nSi0N, moreover, announced previously – as usual – their new cyber offensive against the Islamic State. On April 14 and 21 they posted messages on Twitter with new provocations to Daesh. In the first occasion they wrote that “When the khawarij say they will make our deserts boil it makes us wonder…we think maybe it is just their blood that boils in anger? We will break their systems and hack their channels again and again”. In the second that “Do any good people know what happens to the buses with the surrendered Daesh on? Are they still trapped in the sands? If they have signal tell them to go online we still have surprises waiting for them”. At the end of any post there is the name of their cyberwarfare campaigns against Isis: #silencetheswords, #OpISIS, #ISIS, #AMAQ.

The last post by Di5s3nSiON on Twitter on they cyberwarfare agains Isis

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