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Israel, in a war with Iran the first cyber target should be the energy infrastructure

For Ehud Schnerosen the first cyber target in any future conflict between Israel and Iran should be the Tehran’s energy infrastructure

The first cyber target in any future conflict between Israel and Iran should be the Tehran’s energy infrastructure. Former chief of the Israeli Unit 8200, Ehud Schnerosen, said at a major cyber conference. For him, the energy sector is a “major pillar economy, state’s cardiovascular system. We should not attack water, food, healthcare on ethical grounds, and should not attack banks because of the potential butterfly effect,” he said. “The next 9/11 in cyber will be energy sector.” A taste of what Israeli cyber warfare could determinate, happened just a month ago. Someone launched a massive cyber-attack against the Islamic Republic, compromising more than 3.600 Cisco Switches in all the country. Not only. As the Iranian cyber police chief, general Kamal Hadianfar, admitted in 2017 there have been 296 serious cyber aggressions against the vital infrastuctures in the Middle East nation.

The cyber war between Israel and Iran has just started and it’s global

However, the cyber war between Israel and Iran has already started. And it’s global. It’s confirmed by the second alleged US-UK-France strike in Syria, which has never happened. But that was recorded by Damascus radars, which activated anti-air defenses. International military sources revealed, that someone has launched a cyber warfare action against the Syrian center of reporting and control. The structure that receives all the information related to the protection of the national airspace and sends them to the competent units. Its compromise would have generated a false positive on an attack and activated the air defense systems. This is due to two objectives: testing the cyber-defenses of Bashar Assad linked above all to air defense and response times; send a message to Damascus: attention to your suppor to Tehran: we can strike you at any time and in silence.

Iran faces big problems in counter Israeli cyber warfare. It has been confirmed over time. From the Stuxnet affair in 2006 to the Cisco switches cyber attacks

Iran has a big problem dealing with cyber warfare actions of Israel: the cyber defences. Teheran has good attack capabilities, but medium for the defense. And there is little time to train a specialized force that could counter foreign cybernetic aggressions. Especially, because it cyber army is focalized mostly in spying internal or foreign targets, and ever more often the Islamic Republic has to outsource single operations and attacks for the lack of workforce. The weakness of the Iranian cyber defences are confirmed over time. Starting from the attack with the Stuxnet virus to the Natanz nuclear plant in 2006 up to the last “incidents” of the switches. All successful Israel (never confirmed) operations. Finally, in several occasions, experts in the sector have mysteriously died. See the case of Mojtaba Ahmadi, commander of the headquarters of the “Cyber ​​War”, killed in 2013 by unknown.

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