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Iran suffered a new cyber warfare attack: incident or a message?

Security Affairs: Iran suffered a cyber intrusion in port of Shahid Rajaei computers

Iran suffered a mysterious cyber attack on the port of Shahid Rajaei in Bandar Abbas, that could be a cyber warfare operation. Security Affairs reports that officials didn’t reveal details of the IT aggression, that took place last week. Local authorities, including the Ports and Maritime Organization (PMO) in the state of Hormozgan, confirmed that operations at the port were impacted by the cyber attack. Initially, officials denied the incident, but due to media pressure that later admitted the intrusion. Speaking to ILNA news agency, the Managing Director of Ports and Maritime Organization revealed that it failed to penetrate the PMO.  Furthermore, he explained that the attackers were able to compromise only a limited number of computers at the ports. “The organization is well protected, but still needs to continuously strengthen and update the layers of protection to minimize the risk of a cyber attack,” he added.

Tehran underlines that the attack has no link with the Kornak incident. But analysts believe it could be a cyber warfare operation to launch a message on the Strait of Hormuz threats against international oil tankers traffic

Moreover, in the same hour of the cyber attacks, Iran suffered another incident in the same area, The support ship Konarak was hit by a new anti-ship missile being tested by the frigate Jamaran during a military exercise. Nineteen sailors have been killed and 15 others injured. Local media speculated that the two incidents could have been linked, for this reason, Tehran’s authorities decided to disclose the cyber attacks and officially explain that the two events were not related. But the suspicions remain. Some cyber security analysts believe that the Islamic Republic suffered a more deepen cyber warfare attack, aimed to send a new “message” linked to the IRGC Strait of Hormuz threats on the international oil tankers traffic.

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