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Huge data breach for British Airways. Cybercrime or state-sponsored hackers?

Huge Data Breach For British Airways. Cybercrime Or State-sponsored Hackers?

British Airways suffered a huge data breach between August 21 and September 5, involving 380,000 credit cards. Personal and financial details of customers were compromised

Huge cybercrime operation against British Airways (BA). The company admitted that between August 21 and September 5, the personal and financial details of customers making bookings were stolen in a data breach involving 380,000 credit cards. “We are investigating, as a matter of urgency, the theft of customer data from our website and our mobile app. The stolen data did not include travel or passport details,” BA said in a statement. “The personal and financial details of customers making bookings on our website and app were compromised. The breach has been resolved and our website is working normally. We have notified the police and relevant authorities. We are deeply sorry for the disruption that this criminal activity has caused.” The company also advised anyone who believed they may have been affected to contact their bank or credit card provider and follow their recommendations.

The investigators think that the aggressors could be a cybercrime group and the aim is to eran money

The UK National Crime Agency on its Twitter profile wrote that “We are aware of reports of a data breach affecting British Airways and are working with partners to assess the best course of action.” At the moment there no any clue on the malicious hackers who launched the cyber attack against British Airways. Investigators think that the incident is related to cybercrime. Data thefts linked to the credit cards, infacts, are typical of the cyber criminals. The use them to steal money or to re-sell over the Dark Web for the same purpose.

But to launch an operation like this, it’s necessary to have people well trained, equipped and financed. Furthermore UK worked with US to catch the Lazarus hackers, linked to North Korea, for the WannaCry cyber aggression. So it could be also a retaliation 

But the cyber attacks to British Airways is a big operation, so it could be involved a big group well trained, equipped and financed. Also a state-sponsored team. The eyes are focused on Lazarus, linked to North Korea. Mostly because UK worked with US to catch the aggressors behind WannaCry malicious cyber campaign and yesterday the Department of Justice (DOJ) indicted an hacker over it. So, it could be a double aim cyber warfare action: a retaliation and the usual attack to gain money for Pyongyang. As it’s happening frequently, despite the good results of the ongoing negotiations between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un.

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