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Huawei develops it’s own Android OS: HongMeng (in China) and Oak (abroad)

The Global Times: Huawei is developing it’s own Android OS: HongMeng (in China) and Oak (abroad). It’s likely to be released next August or September

Huawei is studying a new operating system (OS) for Android smartphones and tablet, after Google announced that will no longer offer support to its devices. According to Global Times, the new OS is likely to be released in August or September this year. It would be be called “HongMeng OS” in China, and “Oak OS” in other markets. It should be able to run Android apps and will come with Huawei app store. At the moment the company is intensively testing the OS (especially the cyber security) to ensure all bugs are ironed out before the release. This, because it has to be ready until August, as Google at the end of the month will stop the temporary access to the Android license.

The cyber security experts are worried about a system that would be less secure the the regular one. It could expose users to big risks of hacking

Huawei has been working on its own OS for years, as an insurance policy in case of losing access to US technologies such as the Android system. As actually happened, thanks to the tensions between the two countries over the trade war. The company, in fact, it’s banned from selling phones and telecom equipment in the United States. Then, Google revoke it’s Android license. But the Oak OS could create serious problems for the global cybersecurity. Many researchers, underline that after August the Chinese company will still have access to Android, through the Android Open Source Project. And it can roll out a System, that would be less secure than the regular one. This, could expose users to big risks of hacking.

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