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A hacker transformed a theft of cybercurrency in a kind of a “loan”

The hacker who stole 43,000 Ethereum to CoinDash is sending back them

A hacker transfomed a theft of cybercurrency in a kind of a “loan” for millions dollars. CoinDash, an Israeli venture, in june of last year was preparing for the Initial Currency Offer (ICO), when a cyber aggressor intercepted their website and stole about 43,000 worth of Ethereum (ETH). Their value was US $ 7.4 million, but today its more or less $ 35 million. But recently, the cyber criminal sent back 20,000 ETH to CoinDash. At the moment the motivations of the gesture are not known. Obviously the company notified the event to the Counter Cyber Terrorist Unit in Israel and the hacker’s Ethereum address will continue to be tracked and monitored for any suspicious activity.

The cyber criminal is ascared or he considered the theft as a kind on loan?

Moreover, as CoinDash stated, this occurrence represents the second time Ethereum is being sent from the hacker address back to the company. First one happened in last September and the cyber criminal sent back 10,000 ETH. Globally the “bad guy” returned cryptocurrency for a total countervalue of about 17 millions. He still own 13,000 Ethereum, but those episodes indicate that he might return more money in next future. It’s not clear why the hacker is sending back the ETH. The cybersecurity experts lean towards two theses: the first one is that he has the Israeli intelligence breathing on his neck. So he’s returning the booty hoping to ease the situation. The second one is a scenario in which the hacker considered the theft as a kind of loan. That gradually is repaying with interests. The problem is that he “forgot” to ask the permission to the “issuing agency”.

The post on CoinDash blog on the refund of 20,000 Ethereum

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