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Cybersecurity: Zoom introduces E2EE, BYOK and Verified Identity

Zoom introduces E2EE, BYOK and Verified Identity. The company announced the new features to improve security in Meetings and one-on-one conversations

Zoom will introduce a feature to encrypt their one-on-one phone calls. The company, starting last year, offered the E2EE in Zoom Meetings, and it the technology will be available for one-on-one phone conversations. Users will see a “More” option during phone calls, allowing them to turn on encryption. They s will also have the option to check E2EE status by providing a unique security code to one another. Furthermore, Zoom announced a Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) offering catered to those customers who need to provision and manage their own encryption keys in order to meet strict compliance requirements. Finally, the company announced the Verified Identity feature. It will check if the user’ identities as they join Meetings to improve the cybersecurity of the conversations.

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