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Cybersecurity, BugTraq maybe won’t close

BugTraq maybe won’t close. The whole Infosec community moved on Internet and Social Network to testify the importance of the mailing list. Then, Accenture spreaded an encouraging note

BugTraq, one of the first and most long-lived cybersecurity mailing lists on disclosed flaws, maybe won’t close. After the announcement about it was shutting down on January 31, 2021, the whole Infosec community moved on Internet and social network to testify it’s importance and there are rumors about a possible different evolution. But to be sure, and especially learn what it could be, we’ll have to wait the next days. The good news arrived from an Accenture Security note. It reports that: “So, based on the feedback we’ve received both from the community-at-large and internally, we’ve decided to keep the Bugtraq list running. We’ll be working in the coming weeks to ensure that it can remain a valuable asset to the community for years to come.” What it certain, however, is that Bugtraq let tons of hackers -ITC experts learn and improve their skill since 1993.

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