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Cybercrime, Ziggy admins will refund ransomware victims

Ziggy admins will refund ransomware victims. Money should be transferred to the user’ Bitcoin wallet address. The cybercrime group in February closed the operations and published the malware source code

Ziggy administrators will refund ransomware victims. They announced it themselves, inviting people affected by the malware to send the payment receipt and the unique computer ID to a specific email. Money will be transferred to the victim’s Bitcoin wallet address. However, until now there is no news about a successful operation of this kind. Ziggy admins closed the ransomware operations and released the decryptor in February, after an identical move was made by Fonix (aka Xinof and FonixCrypter) cybercrime actors. According the cybersecurity experts, those decision are related to the last international law enforcement offensives, which led the disruption of the Emotet botnet, the NetWalker and the Egregor infrastructures. The cyber criminals, especially the small and medium groups, fear to be targeted and prefer to stop their attacks. Everybody, in fact, underlined that the malicious codes have been developed “for educational purpose”. Then, some published it, while others deleted it.

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