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Cybercrime, US cybersecurity experts close the circle on the REvil ransomware

The US cybersecurity experts close the circle on the REvil ransomware. Two members of the cybercrime gang arrested and at least $6.1 million sized. Just few days ago the DoS launched a rich reward program against DarkSide

The United States federal cybersecurity experts begin to close the circle on the REvil ransomware members. The Justice Department (DoJ) announced arrests and charges against hackers allegedly affiliated with the cybercrime group, which officials said has been involved in thousands of attacks. It has been reported by the Washington Post. They involve the Ukrainian Yaroslav Vasinskyi, and the announcement Russian Yevgeniy Polyanin. Vasinskyi, allegedly was involved in an attack in July on Florida-based software firm Kaseya and on other companies. He conducted around 2,500 ransomware attacks where REvil demanded a total of $767 million. In all, hackers received around $2.3 million in ransom from the cyberattacks. The authorities seized also at least $6.1 million allegedly linked to ransoms received by Polyanin. Just few days ago, the State Department (DoS) launched a reward program, offering up to $10,000,000 for information leading to the identification or arrest of the DarkSide ransomware operators.

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