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Cybercrime, United Nations and Covid-19 baits of a global phishing scam


United Nations and Covid-19 baits of a new global phishing scam. Users are lured to start a conversation with threat actors, exploiting a selection for the Compensation Funds. Moreover, they used the name of a famous blogger

United Nations and Covid-19 are the baits of a new global phishing scam campaign.

A supposed email from the Undersecretary general advises the user that he has been selected for the Compensation Funds. Then, it asks to contact an email address to receive more information about it. It’s a scam. The formal sender doesn’t exist. Cybercrime actors used the name of a well-known blogger. Furthermore, the email address refers to someone completely external from the UN. So, it’s just a trick to lure the victim in a conversation to steal personal info and money with different excuses. Beware!

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