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Cybercrime, Telegram used to share data leaks and hacks

vpnMentor: Cybercrime groups are actively exploiting Telegram to share data leaks and hacks

Cybercrime groups are actively exploiting Telegram to share data leaks and hacks. It has been detected by vpnMentor cybersecurity experts. The researchers discovered a vast network disseminating data leaks and dumps amongst 1,000s of people and openly discussing how to exploit them in various criminal enterprises. Furthermore, there are channels, where hackers post data dumps with brief explanations about what people can find inside. These channels are more passive, with minimal conversation happening in them. However, some of them have 10,000s of followers. The other method hackers are using is dedicated hacking groups, where hundreds of members actively discuss various aspects of cybercrime and how to exploit data dumps shared. In general, it appears that most data leaks and hacks are only shared on Telegram after being sold on the dark web – or the hacker failed to find a buyer and decided to share the information publicly and move on. Some of the data leaks were months old, but many were as recent as a few days.

The cybersecurity experts: The messaging and chat app offers many advantages over the dark web and needs less technical know-how

According the cybersecurity experts, Traditionally, hackers have relied on the dark web or other anonymous forums to share, discuss, and sell information about data leaks and successful hacks. However, Telegram offers numerous advantages. The app claims to be incredibly focused on guaranteeing privacy for its users. The only thing you need to join is a mobile phone number, which is supposedly hidden from all other users, but visible to Telegram and SMS verification. Furthermore, creating Telegram channels and groups also saves criminals from registering with a web host or domain service, shielding them from attacks like DDoS, and reduces the need to protect their operations from online scanners and security tools. It also offers a much lower barrier to entry, both for people distributing data and those hoping to receive it.  Finally, Telegram is considerably more accessible than the dark web, which requires specific technical know-how to access and navigate, and more robust safety and privacy measures. Hackers can reach a much wider audience and share information a lot quicker on an app installed on a device or computer.

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