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Cybercrime, second huge cyber attack on Israel in two weeks

Second huge cyber attack on Israel in two weeks. Crackers broke into the Voicenter servers and put on sale data on some 8,000 customers. Furthemore, the cybercrime actors called them to increase pressure

Second huge cyber attack against Israel in two weeks. After the City4U website breach, crackers broke into the Voicenter servers, that provides telephony services to firms such as Partner and GetTaxi. It has been reported by the company itself with an sms: “A cyber attack was discovered on our systems, carried out by a group of hackers from abroad, but as far as we know the incident did not involve any information leak from the organization”. However, according to Channel 12, the malicious hackers offered to sell information on some 8,000 customers. Furthermore, they reportedly had voice calls with current customers and noted that they had hacked into Voicenter’s servers. The objective is to increase pressing on the victim.

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