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Cybercrime, Russia in the future could imitate North Korea

Russia could imitate North Korea in the future. Cybersecurity researchers are concerned about a possible shift of pro-Moscow APTs, following international sanctions. From espionage they would move on to “making cash”

Russia, following international sanctions, could imitate North Korea in the near future to try to find resources through cyber attacks. This is what some cybersecurity researchers fear, worried that Moscow may unleash its army of APTs not only to harm enemies or to spy on them; but also and above all to “make cash”. Russian hackers have excellent penetration skills on individual targets, especially companies, as demonstrated in the past. As a result, switching from cyber espionage to other cybercrime operations for profit would be very simple for them. The trojans used, in fact, could easily be replaced by ransomware or other types of malware. On the other hand, there are groups that already have a double role. They spy for Russia and then try to profit from the victims with the double extortion technique.

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