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Cybercrime, RDP brute force attacks doubled on COVID-19 lockdown


Bleeping Computer: ESET cyber security experts found that RDP brute force attacks double during COVID-19 lockdown. They passed 100,000 on daily basis in April and May, when many countries declared national emergencies for the pandemic

Cybercrime brute-force attacks against Windows remote desktop (RDP) service has almost doubled on a daily basis during the pandemic lockdown. It has been denounced by Bleeping Computer. With the increase of remote workers during the COVID-19 period, many users no longer relied on the infrastructure monitored by the company to access sensitive information on the network. Personal device became the main instrument to connect to the work environment via remote desktop services, Windows RDP being the most prevalent. Data recorded by ESET cyber security experts shows that between December 2019 and until February 2020, the values were between 70,000 and 40,000 attacks on a daily basis. The upward trend started from February, when the number shot to 80,000. Since then, values steadily rose passing 100,000 in April and May (when most countries with a high number of COVID-19 infections declared a national emergency and were in lockdown).

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