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Cybercrime, phishing/smishing scams of fake COVID-19 vaccine surveys


Phishing/smishing scams of fake COVID-19 vaccine surveys. The US DoJ: The bait is a gift for filling it out, but in reality the objective is just to steal personal and credit cards information

Cybercrime actors are using fake COVID-19 vaccine surveys to steal money and personal information. It has been denounced by the US Department of Justice (DoJ). Consumers receive the phishing emails and smishing SMSs on the survey. They are told that, as a gift for filling it out, they can choose from various free prizes, such as an iPad Pro. The messages claim that the consumers need only pay shipping and handling fees to receive their prize. So, the scammers ask their credit card information. Furthermore, potential victims expose their personally identifiable information (PII) to the criminal hackers, thereby increasing the probability of identity theft.

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