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Cybercrime, male chastity IoT devices under attack by ChastityLock ransomware

Male chastity IoT device owners are under attack by ChastityLock ransomware. Security Report cybersecurity experts: Owners of the adult toys are coerced to pay a ransom or risk their tool being locked indefinitely

Male chastity IoT device owners are now under attack by the ChastityLock ransomware. According to the Security Report cybersecurity experts, the group behind the malware is coercing the victims into paying a ransom (0.02 BTC) via a threatening message sent to the Cellmate victim’s mobile app, or risk their tool being locked indefinitely. Last year, news reports emerged stating QIUI’s IoT-powered Cellmate chastity cages had serious security vulnerabilities. A GitHub repository just revealed contains malware code that has instructions to take control of Cellmate IoT devices and communicate with the victim via the smartphone app to collect a ransom amount in Bitcoins. Security Report has observed the exposed piece of code contains instructions to communicate with QIUI’s API endpoints to enumerate user’s info, send messages to the victim’s app, add friends, request a ransom and perform other tasks.

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