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Cybercrime, LockBit gang is back with double ransomware extortion

Kela cyber security experts discover a new LockBit ransowmare data leak page. The cybercrime group previously had anothe one, but it was closed when it joined the Maze Cartel. What has changed?

The LockBit cybercrime hackers launched a new data leak site to be used as part of their double ransomware extortion strategy. It has been discovered by Kela cyber security experts. The objective, as usuas, is increase pressing on the victims so they pay the ransom. Today the data leak site contains two victims; an automation parts manufacturer and a shipping company, according Bleeping Computer. What is strage is that LockBit had previously launched a leak site, but shut it down around the time they joined the ‘Maze Cartel,’ and started using Maze’s site to publish stolen files. This could mean that the cybercriminals could have left the “parent company” and moved to another, or simply started operating on their own again.

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