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Cybercrime, LGBTQ+ community targeted by romance scams

The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC): Scammers threaten to share conversation and photos with friends, family, or employer if the victim doesn’t pay

LGBTQ+ community has been targeted by extortion scammers. Cybercrime actors exploit dating apps like Grindr and Feeld to earn money, threatening the victims to share their conversation and photos with friends, family, or employer unless they pay. It has been denounced by the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC). To make their threats more credible, these scammers will tell users the names of exactly who they plan to contact if they don’t pay up. This is information scammers can find online by using victim phone number or your social media profile. Other scammers threaten people who are “closeted” or not yet fully “out” as LGBTQ+. They may pressure people to pay up or be outed, claiming they’ll “ruin your life” by exposing explicit photos or conversations. This is a new evolution of the Romance scam, targeting explicitly the community.

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