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Cybercrime launched over 400 million malware attacks in the last 30 days

Atlas VPN: Cybercrime launched over 400 million malware attacks in the last 30 days (more than 10 million per day), especially on the educational institutions

Cybercrime launched over 400 million malware attacks during the last 30 days (more that 10 million per day), and the majority of them targeted educational institutions. It has been discovered by Atlas VPN cyber security experts. In April, the number of global infections worldwide was rising and falling from 10 million to nearly 16 million daily cases. On the first day of the month, there have been around 12 million infections registered worldwide. Then, the number started dropping steadily, reaching the lowest point on April 5. Since then, the number of local malware infections started increasing, reaching over 13.5 million of registered cases on April 7. It slightly dropped the next day but increased to 14 million infections on April 9. 

The cyber security experts: Central Asia is the region most targeted

According to the cyber security experts since that day, the number of malware attacks began to decrease steadily, dropping to 11 million cases detected on the 12th day of the month. It then jumped to 14 million cases on April 13 and altered around 15 million infections during the next couple of days. On April 16, the number of local infections reached its peak, hitting nearly 16 million cases worldwide. Since then, it started decreasing and dropped to 11 million infections on April 19. During the next week, the number was fluctuating from 11.7 million to 15.1 million infections per day. The region most targeted by cybercrime has been Central Asia. As Kaspersky detected, at least 32.13% of devices in Tajikistan were exposed to malware, followed by Uzbekistan (31.44%), and China (26.93%). 

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