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Cybercrime, India involves 31 countries in manhunt against Cosmos Bank theft

India involves 31 countries in the manhunt against the Cosmos Bank theft. International cybersecurity experts will help Pune’s authorities in track down the masterminds of the 2018 attacks

India will get help from 31 countries worldwide to track down the cybercrime actors behind the Cosmos Cooperative Bank money theft in August 11. 2018. Malicious hackers succeded in infiltrating in the Pune’s bank, thanks to a malware, and stealing 13.5 million dollars through simultaneous ATM withdrawals across 28 countries in few hours and SWIFT transactions, as Reuters reported. According to the cybersecurity experts, the minds of the whole operation live abroad. The Indian police, in fact, in the last years captured only the mules, more or less 20 people. Interpol also has been involved in the manhunt, as one of the prime suspects lives in a foreign city. Now the Indians believe that the help in particular from the United States will be crucial, as they already revealed that North Korea’s APTs were involved in a series of cyber attacks, targeting similar organizations in 2018.

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