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Cybercrime, huge surge for the romance scam due to Covid-19

The cybersecurity experts: Huge surge for the romance scam due to Covid-19. many victims are too ashamed to report

There is a dangerous surge of the romance scam worldwide. This is the warning launched by many cybersecurity experts, who are trying to counter the new waves of these cyber-attacks. Researchers believe that the Covid-19 contributed to this phenomenon, as people started suffering from loneliness and in the best case they were annoyed, spending a lot of time on web and social networks. Furthermore, the phenomenon could be much larger than what is believed, as many do not report because they are ashamed of having been scammed. So, the phenomenon is growing silently but inexorably.

The cybercrime actors don’t live anything to chance

In the romance scam nothing is left to chance. That’s why more and more people fall into the trap. Cybercrime actors multiplied the fake profiles online, often using the same pictures with no fear to be traced and blocked. There are “specialized” groups in Nigeria and Philippines with extensive infrastructures, that includes experts on how to lure the targets, “receptionists” to manage the chats and the phone conversations productive, and “bankers” who transfer the money on clean accounts.

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