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Cybercrime, huge phishing scam via Facebook and Messenger

Huge phishing scam via Facebook and Messenger. PIXM cybersecurity experts undercover a malicious campaign active at least since September 2021. Victims could be 8.5 million. The goal: earn money with advertisements

Since September 2021, around 8.5 million have been fallen victim to phishing operations, that abused Facebook and Messenger. It has been denounced by PIXM cybersecurity experts. The goal of the campaign, which had its peak in April-May 2022, is earn money, tricking the users to watch advertisements. The cybercrime actors behind the fraud created multiple landing pages. Furthemore, they exploited 405 unique Facebook profiles disseminated these fraudulent pages, Each one polarized to advertise only one page to reduce the risks of been detected and stopped.

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