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Cybercrime, here it comes the U.S. Ransom Disclosure Act

Senator Elizabeth Warren and Representative Deborah Ross introduced the Ransom Disclosure Act. The bill gives malware victims 48 hours to report payments. The goal is to strengthen the DHS knowledge on the gangs and develop a fuller picture of the threat

The Ransom Disclosure Act is a new U.S. bill proposal by Senator Elizabeth Warren and Representative Deborah Ross. The objective is to give Department of Homeland Security (DHS) new elements to understand how cybercrime groups operate and develop a fuller picture of the ransomware threat. The bill focal points are:

  • Require ransomware victims (excluding individuals) to disclose information about ransom payments no later than 48 hours after the date of payment, including the amount of ransom demanded and paid, the type of currency used for payment of the ransom, and any known information about the entity demanding the ransom;
  • Require DHS to make public the information disclosed during the previous year, excluding identifying information about the entities that paid ransoms;
  • Require DHS to establish a website through which individuals can voluntarily report payment of ransoms;
  • Direct the Secretary of Homeland Security to conduct a study on commonalities among ransomware attacks and the extent to which cryptocurrency facilitated these attacks and provide recommendations for protecting information systems and strengthening cybersecurity.
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