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Cybercrime, here it comes the comprehensive “HackingTool”

The cyber security researcher Odisseus discovers the “HackingTool”, a double edged maxi tool for cybercrime or for who counter it

It’s named HackingTool, and is a “All in One” resource for hackers, cyber defenders, and cybercrime actors. It’s presence on the web has been announced by the cyber security expert Odisseus. He wrote on Twitter for the infosec community that “Here you can find many for every needs, all in one. A good way to make their acquaintance and know what they do.” His discovery has become viral in little time, as the it is considered very “rich”. It offers a lot of tool for every malicious action. From information gathering to password attack, passing through sql injection, phishing, web attack, post exploitation and forensic. However, at the moment, the project still in BETA, so the author wrote on Haking that “you may face problems”.

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