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Cybercrime, first trawling sextortion phishing scam of 2022

First cybercrime trawling sextortion scam of 2022. The lure is always the hacker who stolen compromising content about the user who watched porn movies. The scam is harmless if you don’t pay

New sextortion scam waves are invading the email boxes. The lure is always the same: a malicious hacker has penetrated the victim’s Pc infecting with a malware. Thanks to this, the cybercrime actor discovered the user while visiting porn sites and browsing through kinky video. So, he asks $1370 USD to delete all the compromising content he has stolen. Otherwise, he will forward the user’s hot videos to all his relatives, as well as friends and colleagues. Obviously, it is a fraud, don’t pay them anyway! They don’t have any embarrassing content or the access to the user’s computer. These lures are spread periodically for a kind of trawling; there is always someone who falls in to the net, but they are harmless if you don’t pay. Moreover, the threat actor’s bitcoin wallet is the same one of the classical African prince/princess money transfer scam.

The extortion email

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