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Cybercrime, Egregor gang changes “ransoms” in “contracts”

Egregor ransomware actors change the narrative: ransoms become “contracts” and victims are transformed in “clients”. The cybersecurity expert MalwareHunterTeam discovers a new press release by the group with the rules to manage the infection

Egregor ransomware actors now sign “contracts” with their victims. As the cybersecurity expert MalwareHunterTeam discovered, the cybercrime group no longer uses the word “ransom” in its narrative, but introduced “contract”. Furthermore, victims have been transformed in “clients”. This has been introduced with other rules, related to malware infected users. The first is that, “before your decision to have a contract with us or not, your information will not be published or any other way disclosed”. But, “in case you didn’t contact us in 3 days, just 1-3% of all your information will be published”. However, “your file sctructure will not be introduced to third parties”. Finally, “in case of contract with us, all the information will be celeted without any possibility of recovery. You will be provided with the deletion report”.

The cybercrime gang also threatens the malware victims

Egregor gang, the evolution of Maze, also threatens the ransomware victims who don’t communicate with then or refuse to pay the “contract”. “Your data will be fully uploaded to public access or never upload, in case you make a contract with us an buy it”. Furthermore, !your file structure can be and will be introduced to other parties, so they can choose what to buy if we didn’t make a contract”. Finally, “your file can be sold and we don’t care about the way those files will be published”. Moreover, the cybercrime group reminds that “the main idea is that you can settle the wave of lawsuits and claims, but in a few years the information that was sold can appear again as a new data breach and you will have to solve that problema again and again”.

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